SOLD Used Two Head 37" Timesavers Planer/Sander - Model 237-K/AIC



SOLD Used Timesavers Model 237-K/AIC Two Head 37" Wide Planer/Sander

Serial Number: 24561

This used two-head 37" planer/sander was manufactured by Timesavers and it features a capacity of 37" in width x 5" in thickness.  Additionally it is equipped with a 30 HP motor driving the first head with a 6" diameter carbide-tipped (12 degree hook angle) cutterhead and a 25 HP motor driving the second sanding head with a 9-1/2" diameter contact drum. Includes all related equipment. Additonal technical specifications include a...

  • variable speed feed motor delivering feed rates from 15 to 45 F.P.M
  • motorized thickness adjustment with mechanical digital readout
  • electrical controls wired for AC 3/60/230 volt operation
  • percentage load meters
  • posi-trak sensing
  • conveyor belt tracking
  • infeed and outfeed spring loaded hold-down shoes
  • New conveyor feed belt and with an attachable stand for indexing the segmented cutterhead
  • suitable for operation with 37" wide x 75" long abrasive belts and with all related equipment

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