SOLD Used Timesavers Three Head Wide Belt Sander - Model: 243-61CBT International Class



SOLD Used Three Head Wide Belt Sander - Timesavers Model: 243-61CBT International Class

Machine ID SK070000423

This used three head wide belt sander manufactured by Tinesavers features many additonal features including A/C torque load motorized lift ethernet interface card
HMI controller HMI belt life and product footage sensing assembly vacuum blower silencer and special inclose replaceable aluminum tip shoes.

Special Features:

  • 11-1/2” contact roll
  • Abrasive belt blowoff – 3-6 head
  • Bottom head infeed conveyor (powered)
  • Constant passline for top heads used in a line operation
  • Dual action platen (6” drum 2-1/2” wide platen)
  • Infeed and outfeed spring-loaded holddown shoes
  • Vacuum bed. Customer to provide necessary piping to connect blower unit to sander (min. part size 4”W x 6”L.) Operates at 100 dba unless optional silencer is selected.

Technical Specifications:

  • 25’ length
  • 22 500 lbs
  • PC Screens with load meters
  • (2) Vacuum pumps 20 HP each
  • Included manifold for top half of machine
  • 25” x 43” wide infeed table
  • Abrasive belt Size: 43” x 75”
  • Maximum width stock: 42”
  • Minimum part length: 6” x 6”
  • Maximum thickness opening: 6”
  • Feed speed: 15-45 FPM
  • Voltage/Phase/Frequency: 480/3 phase/400 amp service
  • Motor type: TEFC
  • Passline height: 38” Constant
  • Compressed air requirements: 12 CFM @ 90 sli
  • Exhaust air requirements: 15 450 CFM
  • Approximate shipping weight: 22 000 lbs

Machine Configuration

Bottom-1 - 40HP Starter A/L Magnetic Type Drum Diameter/Width 11-1/2”.
Bottom-2 - 30HP Starter A/L Magnetic Type Drum Diameter/Width 11-1/2”.
Bottom-3 - 25HP Starter A/L Magnetic Drum D/A Diameter/Width 6” Plat. Width 2-1/2”.

Top-1 - 40HP Starter A/L Magnetic Type Drum Diameter/Width 11-1/2”.
Top-2 - 30HP Starter A/L Magnetic Type Drum Diameter/Width 11-1/2”.
Top-3 - 25HP Starter A/L Magnetic Type D/A Diameter/Width 6” Plat. Width 2-1/2”.
Standard Features:

  • Abrasive belt mistrack limit switches
  • Air-operated disc brakes
  • Automatic conveyor belt tracking
  • Digital thickness readout
  • Electric controls mounted on belt loading side
  • Emergency stop system including infeed pinch point protection and palm buttons
  • Hour meter
  • Interlocks located on all access doors
  • Main motor percentage load meters
  • Motorized thickness adjustment
  • Over thick shut-off system
  • Position setting indicators for holddown shoe(s) contact drum(s) and polish platen
  • POSI-TRAK solid state electronic abrasive belt sensing system with pneumatic tracking

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