SOLD Used Single Head Wide Belt Sander - Butfering Model E-Line 11C - 43 Inch



SOLD - Used Butfering - E-Line 11C 43 In.Wide Belt Sander

List Price: $22 995.00

Machine Stock Number: 1972
Member Stock Number: SF260012275

Description: Used Butfering E-Line 111 C 43IN. Single Head Wide Belt Sander. Sanding Width: 43 in. Max. For operation on 230V 3 PH.

  • Work-piece Thickness: 5.9 in
  • Abrasive Belt Size: 44 x 74
  • 3-Speed Main Motor: 5 10 & 20 HP
  • Electronically controlled segmented pad
  • Segments are 2 in. in length. Maintenance free electrical main motor braking
  • Air-jet abrasive belt cleaning device
  • Safety interlocks on hinged access doors for abrasive belt changing and drive side
  • Pneumatical tensioning device with integrated automatic edge compensation for the abrasive belts
  • Conveyorised feed with automatic conveyorbelt tracking system ( driven by motor and gearbox to give two selectable through-feed speeds of 13 to 26 fpm.

With Roller in-feed extension. Work-piece thickness pre-selection. With vacuum table and fan outside the machine (4 HP). With rotating panel cleaning brush.


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