Used Weinig Profimat 22N 5 Head Moulder with Dust Spider



Used Weinig Profimat 22N 5 Head Moulder with Dust Spider

Year: 1988 List Price: $17 500.00 Condition: ATFS Machine Stock Number: 12291
Member Stock Number: MD070012118

Description: Used Weinig Profimat 22N Moulder with dust spider. Four-sided planer with heavy vibration absorbing and distortion free cast iron frame.  Includes tooling set up stand dust collection and manifold.

Moulding package consisting of :

  • Axial adjustment of right left top and 2nd bottom spindle by 20 mm each
  • Min. tool diameter for top spindle 100 mm (3-15/16").
  • Machine fence after right spindle 60mm (2-3/8") adjustable according to tool diameter after right spindle. 
  • Guiding fence after left spindle adjustable according to tool diameter. 
  • Dividing pressure bar and guide in front of and after top spindle adjustable in height according to tool diameter.
  • Spacer rings for right left top and 2nd bottom spindle. 
  • Infeed roller in front of 1st bottom spindle.

Spindle arrangement:

  • 1st spindle below the table (surfacing spindle)
  • 2nd spindle right (edge jointing spindle)
  • 3rd spindle left.
  • 4th spindle above.
  • 5th spindle below.
  •  Infinitely variable chain less trough-feed 5-22m/min (16-72 ft/min.) with control of feed speed and reed roller height from operator position including limit switches on height adjustment and safety covers. Pneumatically pressurized feed rollers. Feed roller diameter 140 mm width 2 x 50 mm. separate height adjustment of outfeed roller. 
  • 2 meter straightening table and infeed fence mounted with 10 mm parallel adjustment of chip removal.
  •  True concentric running spindles driven by flat belts and mounted in precision V-guides. Vertical spindles driven by one motor with separate motors for top and bottom spindles. All spindles supplied with section hoods. Spindles and motors dynamically balanced. 
  •  Operating panel includes controls of all spindles and feed by push-buttons with indicator lights also separate controls of feed height feed forward/reverse and emergency cut-out. Additional emergency and feed forward controls at the end of the machine. 
  • Side pressure roller opposite 1st spindle. 
  • 2 pressure rollers from above.
  • Motor increased from 7.5 HP to 10 HP spindle 1 5.
  • Motor increased from 7.5 HP to 15 HP spindle 4.
  • Receding chipbreakers in front of top spindle.
  • Manual waxlit pump.

ATS system automatic positioning control for left and top spindle up to 30 dimensions programmable per spindle motorized adjustment via push button of both spindles to the pre-selected position programmed tooling diameter is taken into consideration.

  • Measuring stand for tooling radius (ATS).
  • Dust collection manifold. 
  • Comes with tooling. 
  • Cutterhead set up stand. 
  • All manuals. 
  • Extra rubber feed rolls

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