SOLD Used Diehl Moulder – Accumould Model DL205 – 5 Head



SOLD Used Diehl Moulder –  Accumould Model DL205 – 5 Head

List Price: $10 445.00

Machine Stock Number: Diehl Accumould 5-Head Moulder
Member Stock Number: MD310011229

Description: Used Diehl Moulder –  Accumould Model DL205 – 5 Head.  Approx. Replacement Cost: $65 000.00

• 160v 60cy 3ph 70amps
• Working Capacity: 8" x 4-3/4"
• Head Sequence: 7.5hp Right/ELft 15hp Top 10 and Bottom 10hp Motor
• Spindle Diameter 1-13/16" with cutter head speed of 6000rpm. Spindles with Mechanical Readouts
• Feed Motor: 3hp variable speed 20-70fpm; Cardan drive gear boxes
• In-feed Table: 6'6" with rollers in the in-feed fence to reduce friction in feeding

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