SOLD Used Vitap Quartz Hot Air Automatic Edgebander



SOLD - Used Vitap Quartz Hot Air Automatic Edgebander  

List Price: $5 495.00

Machine Stock Number: 1974
Member Stock Number: EB260012277

S/N: 791003

Description: Used Vitap Quartz Hot Air Automatic Edgebander     - Equipped with electronally controlled temperature setting for Leister hot air blower. 3 000 watts for up to 650 degrees and (1) minute heat-up time. For operation on 220V 1 PH

  • Edgebanding Thickness: .4 to 1.2 mm
  • Edge Panel Thickness: 11 mm to 35 mm
  • PVC Edge 1.2mm max.
  • Glue system hot air; pre-glued edgebanding.
  • Heat Up Time: 1 minute
  • Feed Rate: 16 ft/min.
  • Automatic coil feeding with overhead belt type feeder
  • End cutter-guillotine front and rear end trim fast speed flying knife.
  • Top and bottom flush trim star cutter
  • Single motor drive to cutter-heads

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