SOLD Used Brandt Contour Edgebander with Trimmer – Model Optimat KTD-820



SOLD Used Brandt Contour Edgebander with Trimmer – Model Optimat KTD-820

List Price: $19 000.00

Manufactured in 2005. Installed in 2007.

Machine Stock Number: 7096TCF
Member Stock Number: EB020010662

Serial Number: 0-260-02-9659

Description: Used Brandt Model KTD-820 Optimat Contour Edge Bander with Trimmer

  • workpiece thickness capacity of 5/8" to 1-5/8"
  • workpiece minimum width of 4"
  • minimum length of 4"
  • edge thickness capacity of 0.4 to 3.0 mm
  • edge height capacity of 20 to 45 mm
  • edge length minimum of 10"

This machine utilizes a vacuum hold down table designed to hold large heavy parts stationary while a mobile gluing unit is guided by the operator around the workpiece (the gluing unit is suspended from above to eliminate the full weight of the gluing unit. The gluing unit applies glue to the edging material presses it on to the work piece and moves via a motorized system which is only guided by the operator.) A coil length cut-off device is supplied to pre-cut the banding material to length.

A pre-heating device for thicker PVC edging is standard equipment.

The vacuum table has five (5) vacuum pods; with a hand-held trimming unit for top and bottom edge trimming

  • equipped with a variable speed drive with feed rates from 2 to 14 F.P.M
  • working height without vacuum system is 35-1/2" and with the vacuum system is 39-3/8"

Electrical controls wired for AC 3/60/440 volt operation

Comes with all related equipment. 

NOTE: This unit can also be used in an alternate mode to be used with gluing unit stationary and the operator moving the work piece for smaller part applications.

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