Used Brandt Automatic Edgebander – Profomat KD-77F



Used Brandt Automatic Edgebander – Profomat KD-77F

List Price: $24 500.00
New 2001 and Installed New in 2003
Comes with manuals and all related equipment.

Machine Stock Number: 7105
Member Stock Number: EB020011011

Serial Number: 0-261-02-8224

Description: Used Brandt Model KD-77F Profimat Automatic Edge Bander - electrical controls wired for AC 3/60/460 volt operation

PC-16 Program Control

  • Color LCD screen
  • 8MB RAM internal modem
  • Manual push button or program control operation
  • Control panel located at the machine infeed; with digital height indicator with automatic height adjustment with top pressure beam for all work stations

    Electronic line-control system
  • Universal automatic magazine for coil and strip feeding
  • Large 800mm diameter coil table
  • Joint Trimming Unit for pre-trimming the workpiece edges
  • Two 3 HP motors and with diamond cutters (one clockwise and one anti-clockwise rotation)
  • Quickmelt granulate glue application systemQuick change glue tank
  • Strengthened pre-cutter for cutting PVC (max. capacity of 3 x 45mm) from the coil
  • Infrared radiant quartz heating unit between glue roller and pressure zone
  • First pressure roller driven and three idle pressure rollers
  • End trimming unit with two 1/2 HP motors with straight and chamfer capability (chamfer up to 15 degrees)
  • Program controlled indexing from straight to bevel end trimming
  • Fine trimming unit with digital "Quickset" system with a tilt range from 0 to 25 degrees

    Program controlled indexing with two 3/4 HP motors; with a second fine trimming unit with digital "Quickset" system

  • tilt range of 0 to 25 degrees with program controlled indexing
  • two 3/4 HP motors; with top and bottom scraping units with pneumatic indexing
  •  top and bottom tilting buffing units
  • electronic frequency changer for all trimming motors with electronic brakes
  • a sound and safety enclosure with centralized dust extraction outlet
  • 3 HP feed motor delivering a feed rate of 46 FPM
  • edgeband thickness capacity of 0.016" to 1 foot 2 inches
  • edgeband height capacity of 1/2" to 2-3/8"

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