Used RFS Protech Door/Window Clamp - Model 4/5



SOLD - Used Door/Window Clamp - RFS Protech Model 4/5

List Price: $70 000.00


Machine Stock Number: 1953
Member Stock Number: RF260012218

Description: Used Door/Window Clamp – RFS Protech Model 4/5 .  This unit is a high quality 4-way clamp with easy loading positioning and stock removal features. Complete with all controls and necessary safety devices. Wired for 480 Volt 60 Cycle 3 Phase operation. Other voltages available please specify.  Circuit breaker protection is provided.  Note: A service disconnect is required for safety but is not provided.

  • 38" by 78" clamping area mounted on a 45° angle
  • pneumatic pressure for the 4-way clamping of doors and panels
  • internally mounted RfsProtech RF Generator for quick glue jointing
  • ball screw spindles for fast setup of different sizes

Press Specifications:

  • Clamping Area is 38" x 78" x 1 ¼” thick.
  • Clamping pressure is applied by pneumatic cylinders to maximize pressure while requiring only plant line pressure (no booster compressors).
  • Edge and end pressure applied by 1" bore x 2" stroke pneumatic cylinders. Each cylinder fitted with a shut-off valve for ease of use.
  • Side and end pressure each feature separate controls which allow independent positioning alignment powered by electric motors.
  • Platen set at a 45° angle for easy access to the platen for placement alignment and removal of stock.
  • The internal solid state RFS Protech RF Generator can cure door/window joints in seconds.
  • The generators (four) feature a solid state rectification state-of-the-art design and an aluminum cabinet for maximum efficiency and performance. Each generator is connected to a corner for quick curing. Each corner has a unique machined corner fixture to allow the RF to travel the length of the glue joint. This process heats and accelerates the evaporation of water from the glue.Operator controls for opening/closing of clamp is mounted on a floor mounted pedestal. Safety light curtains will automatically shut-off the RF generator if the beam is broken during the cure cycle.
  • Control panel mounted on the left side of the press unless otherwise specified.

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