SOLD/ARCHIVED - Used C.R. Onsrud 5 ft x 12 ft CNC Router – Model 148HD16CD



SOLD - Used C.R. Onsrud 5 ft x 12 ft CNC Router – Model 148HD16CD

List Price: $159 000.00
Year: 2008


Machine Stock Number: 6446
Member Stock Number: RC170012382

Used C.R. Onsrud 5 ft x 12 ft CNC Router – Model 148HD16CD

Machine built in 2006 one owner.  Connected to power and available for demonstration upon appointment basis.

This CNC Router package included the following items:

  • 5’ x 12’ table with 5’ x 8’ & 5’ x 4’ split for pendulum processing
  • OSAI PC Front Series 10/510i System
  • OSAI PC Front w/High Res touch screen network capability
  • PLC Machine Controller plus adds OSAI Digital Drives Amps and Servos
  • HSD ES988 16 HP Spindle w/HSK-63F Spindle Taper
  • 12 position Servo controlled rotary tool tray
  • 6 tool holders included

15 Spindle Boring Block Package – (Multi-Spindle Line & Horizontal Drills) Includes:

  • 11 independently or simultaneously firing vertical spindles to drill up to 6 holes at a time in the X axis or 6 holes at a time in the Y axis (32mm line drilling)
  • + 4 Horizontal spindles for horizontal holes to be drilled on all 4 sides of a work piece
  • Automatic tool measuring device
  • C Axis Aggregate Capability – (makes machine fully aggregate capable - for use with or without C-axis Ability below)
  • C-Axis Ability for Use With Aggregates – (Adds rotational C-axis to Aggregate Tool Changer & Capability)
  • Stand alone automatic Aggregate Tool Changer
  • Onsrud / NEMI High-Precision Vacuum Grid Table for use with PODs (pods not included)
  • SL Laser projection system for easier part placement on the CNC Router table
  • Three (3) 10HP Becker Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps - 519 CFM System @ 25”/hg all mounted on a Triplex Rack for parallel plumbing

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