Used C.R Onsrud CNC Router - “Mate Series” Model 145M12C



Used C.R Onsrud CNC Router - “Mate Series” Model 145M12C

Priced Used at $109 000.00
Priced New at $152 705.00

This used cnc router manufactured by Onsrud was designed FEA Engineered and Manufactured in America utilizing steel construction

Additional features include a dual supported gantry driven on both sides with independent servo motors and drives. This dual channel design enhances accuracy & rigidity. The moving gantry fixed table design allows for up to 2 000 ipm programmable feed rates.

Control System

This unit also includes a control system comes standard with full 3D capability (multi-axis interpolation).

  • Precision linear motion systems on all axes.
  • Standard with Onsrud Universal High Flow Vacuum Table System suitable for flow-through spoil boards dedicated fixtures or easily upgradable for pod systems.

145 – 5×12 – Work Envelope

CR ONSRUD High-Flow Universal Vacuum Table System – Includes: oversized 4” intake manifold high-capacity vacuum plumbing high-flow 45mm grid waffle patterns with Onsrud’s Unique High Flow Vacuum Inlets to offer maximum vacuum airflow & absolutely minimal airflow restriction for excellent part holding.

High Flow Vacuum Zone – Controlled via manual vacuum gate

9-inches of Z stroke – 10” under bridge clearance & 9” Z axis stroke.

5×12 – Flow-Through Spoil Board – LDF table top to be used as replaceable sacrificial spoil board.

Onsrud B&R Handheld with VNC PC Front Link – Automatic Handheld Machine Control System Ethernet Connection USB connectivity & Serial connectivity. The Onsrud B&R (Automatic Machine Controller) is an open-architecture control system that is designed with simplicity reliability and ease of use in mind. This is a fully-functional stand-alone complete machine control system made entirely from standard off-the-shelf plug and play components that are readily available worldwide. It is manufactured by Bernecker & Rainer Automation which is one of the largest international private control companies in the world today. The B&R provides smooth and reliable machine motion without compromising power & capability. It utilizes an intuitive easy to understand easy to integrate and easy to learn interface via single labeled keys that are used to select any of the possible machine functions. The simple conversational intuitive menu structure allows almost all of the many features to be selected using only three soft keys. It is an easy to read feature rich and fully-functional display which often eliminates the need for a PC at the machine. All axes can be incrementally jogged using the Included Hand Pulse Wheel for quick and precise manual machine positioning. Cutting Feed Rates Rapid Traverse Feed Rates and Spindle Speeds are adjustable on-the-fly from the hand pad. Manually control the state of inputs & outputs with status indication for quick & easy machine diagnoses & troubleshooting. Multiple Jobs can be stored inside the flash memory up to 4GB of G-code (16MB standard). DNC Mode allows streaming from your PC for any job that standard memory can not already accommodate. Upgrading and / or backing up the standard memory is as inexpensive & easy as the purchase of a larger compact flash card. The B&R Controller System is based on a rugged and reliable true machine control designed & built for hot harsh and dirty environments with a link to a PC instead of using a PC & PC hardware to operate the machine.

12 HP Spindle – 4-Pole 9Kw 12HP HSK-63F – 24 000 RPM fully programmable variable speed reversible quick-change cartridge style spindle with air blast; capable of routing & drilling with programmable feed rates with override capability.

15kVA Isolation Transformer – strongly recommended for up to 12 HP models as an electrical noise filter. 6-tap non-compensating transformer can be specified for your voltage in/machine voltage out

Standard Manual Greased Lubrication – Bearing Blocks and Ballscrews have standard zirk fittings for easy application of grease

Mate Dust Collection Center Stanchion Kit – (includes flex hose 1 steel stand & clamps to connect dust transition to your collector above the center of the spindle plate)

10 Tool – Fixed Rack A.T.C – Rack style tool changer quickly changes between 10 different tools

Air Conditioned Electronics Cabinets – Recommended for extreme environments & some non-temperature controlled workplaces. Option replaces the standard heat exchanger system.

TWO (2) 12.5HP Becker Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump – 348 SCFM System @ 27”/hg; 494 m3/hr @914Mb. Pricing applies for 460V models; other voltages are an additional charge.

Pneumatic Controlled Pop-Up Perimeter Positioning Pin – for easier sheet placemen

Onsrud Digital Bench-Top Tool Setter – allows you to measure tools off-line in seconds and be ready for the next job while the machine is still in production.

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