SOLD Used Bevel Edge Machine



SOLD Used Bevel Edge Machine

List Price: $5 000.00
Condition: ATFS
Machine Stock Number: 11907
Member Stock Number: PF070010666

Description: Used Bevel Edge Machine for applying to the front of counter tops eliminating the black line self-edge. Countertop Edge Shaper - Flat or T-back 12' bevel edge sticks.  115V single phase

System includes:

  • (3) Stacked router banks; bottom bank
  • (1) router fixed at 45° angle middle sections
  • (1) routers fixed horizontally

Top bank with..

  • (2) router fixed horizontally and vertically

Separation of routers approx. 9".

All (4) router stations with overhead mechanical feed drive system consisting...

  • (2) feed wheels per station Top bank with rubber covered feed rolls mid and bottom banks with spiked wheels for positive feeding.

For more information...

Phone: 678.642.9722


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