SOLD Used Wenig Grecon/Luxscan 4-Sided Color Scanner - Model Combiscan LSC 300-HC-S 4



SOLD Used 4-Sided Color Scanner - Weinig Grecon/Luxscan - Model Combiscan LSC 300-HC-S 4
List Price: $66 500.00
Condition: ATFS
Machine Stock Number: 1946
Member Stock Number: SO260012191
Description: Used WEINIG GRECON/LUXSCAN model Combiscan LSC 300-HC-S 4-Sided Color Scanner.
Processing 70 000 LF per 8-hour shift (4x4)(5x4)(6x4). Recent repairs and upgrades: 1. Weinig replaced one (1) new Baumer main laser box in July 2013: $13 870 2. Weinig replaced three (3) main computers with new software version in February 2014: $25 350 3. Weinig refurbished the laser lights in April 2014 4. Weinig technicians spent seven days in April 2014 upgrading the scanner by making the necessary repairs calibrations adjustments synchronizing and fine-tuning. Various bearings and wear parts were replaced as needed. Items included with the scanner and computer cabinet: 1. Extra LED lights and laser lights 2. Original operating manual 3. Original training manual 4. Original wiring diagrams 2004 machine for operation on 460/40/3.

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