SOLD Used Unique Door Machine - Model: 313



Used Unique Miter Door Machine - Model: 313

This used miter door machine manufactured by Unique features unlimited part length.

Technical Specifications:

  • (2) 5HP dual motors for shaping w/1-1/4" spindles
  • (2) 0.33 HP motors for drilling with 10 mm collets
  • (2) Pneumatic clamps hold workpiece on either side while parts are being shaped
  • Unlimited part length 1" max part thickness 4" max part width
  • Staggered tables allow (2) 1" thick parts to be machined simultaneously
  • Counter rotating spindles with back up sticks to reduce tear out.
  • Digital indicators make dowel height easy to position
  • Fine adjustments for positioning dowel holes
  • Finger joint cutter adjusts to achieve desired location
  • Set of finger joint tooling heads
  • Foot valve operation
  • Safety guards around cutters
  • Dual hand actuated start buttons

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