SOLD Used Torritt Dust Collector - Model Dryflo DMC-D2 7



SOLD Used Dust Collector - Torrit Model Dryflo DMC-D2 7.5 HP

Provides a cleaner work environment for maximum productivity.

List Price: $5 000.00


Machine Stock Number: 12035
Member Stock Number: DC070010821

S/N IG491838

Description: Used Torrit Dust Collector. Model DMC-D2 with 7-1/2HP fan. Dryflo® mist collectors from Donaldson® Torit® are effective and efficient mist filtration solutions providing a more productive work environment by reducing coolant and machining oil mists in a machine-mountable package. The Dryflo provides high performance technology and easy predictable maintenance. 

230V Three phase

Three-stage filtration improves collection efficiency at every stage. - Reduces risk of mist related hazards. - Quick and easy filter changes mean workers have minimal contact with collected oil. - Predictable maintenance with a differential pressure gauge. - Lower plant maintenance costs. - Mounts directly onto a machining center to collect oil water-soluble semi-synthetic and synthetic coolant. - Low profile.

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