SOLD Used SCM 5-Head Moulder - Model Superset XL - Includes One Set of Cutter Heads



SOLD Used SCM 5-Head Moulder - Model Superset XL

5-head moulder
4.72" x 9.055" capacity
Spindle configuration: 12 HP bottom head 9 HP right vertical 9 HP left vertical 18 HP top head and 12 HP bottom head
Spindles are 1-13/16" dia. and 6 000 RPM
4 HP variable speed feed 18 to 82 FPM
Pneumatic pressure on all feed wheels
78" infeed straightening bed
Electronic (LED) digital readout of working width and thickness
Mechanical digital readouts for vertical and horizontal adjustment of all spindles except 1st bottom head
Powered top beam and top head with simultaneous or independent adjustment - enabling easy rapid set up
"Set Up" rapid setting system on top and left vertical heads to accommodate different tool diameters Pneumatic exclusion from control panel of feed unit place before first bottom head
Manual table lubrication pump
Manual centralized lubrication points from the front side of machine - color coded for production maintenance schedule
Lighted safety enclosure
Electro-mechanical spindle brakes on all spindles
Set up stand for measuring of tool diameter
Includes one set of cutterheads
Power requirements: 174 amps @ 230 volt
Dust extraction requirements: 4 850 CFM @ 5 000 FPM
Machine weight: 5 200 lbs.

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