SOLD Used 2-Head Wide Belt Sander - Sandingmaster Model SLSB-2-1300 - 51"



SOLD Used Sandingmaster 2-Head Wide Belt Sander - Model SLSB-2-1300 - 51"
SN: A7060.

1st Head: 11-1/2 in. Rubber covered contact roll 24 HP motor.
2nd Head: Pneumatic finishing platen 2-1/2 in. wide

18 HP motor. With 52 x 75 sandpaper belt air tracking conveyor variable feed speed (10-50 fpm) spring loaded in and out-feed hold down shoes on both heads 0-6 in. thickness opening 18 in. in-feed conveyor area e-stop and main motor disc brakes. For operation on 230V 3PH. Cleaned and checked.

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