SOLD Used Vertical Panel Saw - Safety Speed Model MFG 7400 XLM



SOLD Used Safety Speed Vertical Panel Saw - Model MFG 7400 XLM

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This used vertical panel saw manufactured by Safety Speed features an unlimited maximum rip length.

Technical Specifications:

  • 3 HP continuous duty induction saw motor
  • Maximum crosscut length: 64"
  • Maximum thickness cutting capacity: 2-1/8" 8" diameter saw blade capacity (blade NOT included)
  • 5/8" diameter saw arbor Includes optional "XLM" option:
  • 13' frame length for cutting panels in excess of 10' in length)
  • V-track precision guides
  • Steel roller bearings
  • Adjustable rulers Quick stop gauge (8' left 5' right)
  • Rotating saw head
  • Floating pressure saw foot
  • Solid aluminum rollers
  • Enclosed saw counterweight system
  • MID-WAY fence
  • Holddown bar Includes optional H6480 midway fence flip stop

    Includes following optional equipment:
  • Includes optional H6450 stop bar
  • Includes optional H6460-DRO-U digital readout
  • Includes optional 740090 scoring system

    Not included...
  • Dust collection ready (dust collector not included)

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