SOLD Used Wood Grinder - Retech Model RG32/20U



SOLD Used Retech RG 32/20U Wood Grinder.

This used wood grinder manufactured by Retech features a 40" wide x 32" cutting area and long ram dimension with abrasion resistant top plate smooth interior to prevent material bridging long ram dimension with abrasion resistant top plate smooth interior to prevent material bridging.

Technical Specifications:
• Rotor Size: 32" with full load startup capability and self-cleaning rotor side pockets to help prevent a possible fire hazard
• Rotor Bearings: Double spherical tapered roller bearings in solid steel housings (NOT cast)
• Installed Sizing Screen 3/4" : Close-tolerance radius to prevent rotor wrapping
• Infeed Hopper: 1.5 cubic yard capacity
• Infeed System: PLC controlled 2 speed & dual pressure hydraulic ram external ram guides for bridge-free interior and simplified maintenance
• Material Containment: Fully surrounded chamber spring-loaded wipers for even wear
• Rotor: High torque setting self cooling profile lifetime warranty
• Number of Cutters: 20 concave profile 4-way indexable hardened compound fully supported
• Rotor Speed: 95 rpm seamless gearbox on floating mount
• Drive Motor HP: 20 HP TEFC premium efficiency 1.15 service factor
• Automatic shutoff when the machine runs empty
• System Controls: Allen Bradley PLC controls package with a Panel View display interface
• Standard Discharge: 8" pneumatic port with reversible discharge

Safety Consideration: This machine is fitted with ReTech's exclusive milled rotor end pockets. This permanent feature is maintenance free over the life of the grinder and is designed to automatically expel trapped material and prevent excessive heat generation and sidewall wear.

Throughput As Equipped: 800-1 500 pounds per hour depending on product mix and loading

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