SOLD Used Reform Grind/Sharpening Equipment - Type 51 AR 15



No longer available - SOLD Used Reform Grind/Sharpening Equipment - Type 51 AR 15

• Box/Cellular Construction

• Interior of Base is very open for easy access clearance)

• Easily Aligned and Leveled

• The Reform Carriage Design allows Easy Access for Operation and Wheel Changing and Adjustment from the front of the machine

• The Carriage Rides on Hardened Precision Ground Steel Bands which can be easily and inexpensively replaced

• Adjustable Way Wipers

• The Grinding Head Carriage is carried on 4 Horizontal Re-adjustable Bearing Units with 4 Side guiding Bearing units

• Precision Grinding Motor – 15 HP – 1800 RPM (continuous duty rating)

• Motor is Totally Enclosed sealed and windings are encapsulated in Epoxy

• Head is Slewable (Tiltable) for Concave & Surface Grinding

• 10” Diameter Grinding Wheel & Backing Plate with “Quick Change Keyhole Type Hub Assembly”.
   Note: Can also use 10” Segmental Head which is included

• The Vertical Feed of the Grinding Head is through the use of a Precision Motor Drive Motor which is directly coupled to a Vertical Screw (with Special Nut Assembly

• Power Rise and Fall to grinding head assembly via electric control

• Automatic Mechanical Down-feed System utilizing a Special motor(for quick up/down)
  Note: With this the grinder man can do other jobs with the machine automatically grinding and then with auto shutdown at the end of the preset program.

General Specifications And Standard Equipment Other Than That Listed Above Supplied With Standard Machine:

• Grinding Length : 60.5”

• Grinding Width (Max.): 8”

• Grinding Wheel Max. Clearance – approx. 5”

• Magnetic Table (Bed): 6” Wide swivelable with Heavy Pivot Shaft

• Primary Main Grinding Motor: 15 HP (1800 RPM) • Grinding Wheel Size: 10” North American Style (Nut Inserted)

• Output of Coolant Pump – approx..: 12 gal/min. (for main head)

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