Used Automatic Hopper Feeder - Ram-Tech Model TDS HFP



Used Ram-Tech Automatic Hopper Feeder - Model TDS HFP

This used automatic hopper feeder manufactored by Ram-Tech is a heavy duty model designed to handle wide boards into a moulder or rip saw application. Additionally the unit consists of a hopper that is manually loaded by an operator and an end pushing cylinder that reciprocates with each panel. The pusher moves the bottom panel forward into the nip of the machine being feed and returns to allow another board to drop and then cycle forward to repeat this until the hopper is empty or the cycle is interrupted.

Technical Specifications:

  • Will feed boards/panels from 4” wide up to 9” wide - Lengths from 12” to 96” (longer on request)
  • Working height is adjustable 30” to 36”
  • Thickness from 5mm ( 3/16” ) to 2”
  • Speed is regulated by a pneumatic cylinder and a timer for the cycling.
  • Automatic speed range 0 to 60 FPM
  • Loading magazine is manually adjustable from 4” to 9” in width.
  • The magazine is nominally 24” high.

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