SOLD Used Single-End Tenoner - Northtech Model NT-152P



SOLD Used NORTHTECH NT-152P SINGLE END TENONER. Tenon Cutter-head - Both top and bottom tenon heads can be individually or simultaneously vertically adjusted. Individual cross adjustment in 1 in. distance. Cope Head- Vertical movement distance is 140mm. Forward and backward movement distance is 100mm. Cutoff Saw - Up to 12 in. blade diameter. Sliding Table- 1280 x 450mm. Maximum Tenon Cut - Length (152mm) Width (370mm) and Thickness (127mm) Maximum Tenoning Cutter-head Size - 110mm (diameter) 152mm (long) Spindle Diameter - Tenon: 1-1/4 in. Saw: 1-1/4 Spindle Speed - Tenon: 3 400 RPM Saw: 2 800 RPM Motor: 7.5 HP. For operation on 230V 3 PH. Cleaned and checked.

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