SOLD Used Double Surface Facing Planer - Northfield Model 240



SOLD Used Northfiled Double Surface Facing Planer - Model 240

Year: 1991
SN 9110032-L

This 24" x 6" double surface facing planer manufactured by Northfield comes with a complete set of manuals a parts list and repair history.

Technical Specifications:

  • 40HP top head motor
  • 30HP bottom head motor
  • 5HP Reeves Vari-Drive on feed
  • 25-100fpm
  • 1HP power raise and lower of main carpet bed
  • all motors made by Reliance
  • top and bottom Northfield Whispur helical cutterheads each has 4 rows of 19 replaceable carbide bits
  • distance between cutterheads - 56"
  • 2 solid steel power-driven lower feed rolls
  • upper carpet consisting of over 1300 9/16" diameter spring-loaded "pins"
  • carpet tension is adjustable with sight gauges

    All cutterhead bit grinding and jointing equipment including 1/10HP grinder motor with diamond wheel auto-lubrication top and bottom shaving hoods with 8" diameter ports push button controls with load meter for each cutterhead motor
    Currently wired 460v 60Hz
  • shortest single piece 12"
  • shortest butted piece 6"
  • maximum stock thickness 6"
  • minumim stock thickness 1/4"
  • floor space 79"W x 115"L x 69"H
  • net weight 12 200lbs

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