SOLD Used Horizontal Vibrating Chisel Mortiser - Framar Model MBO-T3



SOLD Used Framar Horizontal Vibrating Chisel Mortiser - Model MBO-T3
Year: 2002
SN 0206.25

This used horizontal vibrating chisel mortiser manufactured by Framar can be set up to make mortises in windows doors stair rail components etc.

Technical Specifications:

  • 4.5HP (3KW) mortising head motor
  • 3-phase 220v
  • left and right alignment fences each with two flip stops
  • joy stick controls longitudinal movement of table which is made by gear motor
  • transversal movement by airdraulic cylinder
  • two synchronized vertical pneumatic hold-downs
  • two synchronized horizontal pneumatic hold-downs
  •  includes (6) chisels of various sizes
  • 1280lbs

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