SOLD Used Mereen-Johnson Gang Rip Saw - Model 312-DC/SR1



SOLD Used Mereen-Johnson Gang Rip Saw - Model 312-DC/SR1

This used gang rip saw manufactured by Mereen-Johnson features a 14" max.dia.

Technical Specifications:

  • 50HP
  • 460V
  • 3PH
  • 3600 RPM
  • 12” arbor cap;
  • (1) shifting outside blade
  • laser rack and light for fixed saw reference and 2nd light for 1”
  • 5” selective sawblade travel
  • Includes 4’x6’ operator’s console with touch screen controller and programmable pre-sets for moveable blade
  • 14” max. dia.
  • Arbor with air-actuated disc brake and load meter
  • Arbor lockout on access door
  • 3hp variable feed speed
  • 30-150FPM with adjustable jam protection
  • MJ “PosiFeed” dip bed carried on 5” pitch hardened double-v chain
  • “Quad life” hardened dip cams extruded structural aluminum feed bed slats w/replaceable steel backed robber insert strips
  • automatic chain oiler with low level shut off
  • 3” dia. air-loaded overhead pressure rolls
  • Full width segmented maple spring loaded overhead pressure shoe pressure rolls & pressure shoe unit adjust with scale & pointer thickness reference
  • Anti-kickback fingers Saw travel via Thompson actuater driven by Parker compumotor
  • HMI 6” Q-Term color display with (10) programmable keys per page and (5) page capacity
  • Includes (1) saw sleeve with spacers and sleeve breakdown stand extra spacers
  • (2) extra arbors and all manuals and wrenches
  • 2016 touch screen control software and shifting blade encoder motor were upgraded at approx. cost $6 000

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