SOLD Used Edgebander - Maggi Model: System 3/50



SOLD Used Maggi Edgebander - Model: System 3/50
Year: 2015

This used edgebander with glue pot manufactured by Magg features a 0.4 to 3mm tape edgeband capacity:  and it is designed for small shops seeking high quality edgebanding results.

Techncial Specifications:

  • New Electronic Control Panel with Soft Touch Controls that optimizes the work cycles ensuring precision and durability
  •  and 0.4 to 2mm
  • Wood Strips Machine is equipped with a Teflon coated round glue pot for more uniform heating of glue Includes
  • Quick Empty System for changing glue or cleaning
  • 2 adjustable edge pressure rollers
  • The glue pot has an automatic stand-by function and "ECO" significant energy savings from 400 watts to 48 watts
  • End Trimming: Consists of (2) angled HSS guillotine knives on linear bearings with blower to remove the scraps on the ends that are cut includes drawer to collect end trim scraps
  • Top and Bottom Trimming
  • (2) high frequency top and bottom trim motors with guides and linear bearings to provide precision control
  • equipped with top and bottom hardened steel 90 mm copy wheels
  • (2) 4-knife cutterheads with carbide double radius insert tooling - quick disassembly of the top and bottom trimmers to easily replace the cutters
  • Glue reel support that folds down when not in use to save space
  • Feed speed 21 FPM
  • Minimum panel size: 3-1/2" x 7-1/2"
  • Maximum panel size: 24.8" x 118"
  • Minimum panel thickness: 1/2"
  • Maximum panel thickness: 2"
  • Dust port is 3"
  • Machine dimensions: 100" L x 60" W x 47" H
  • Machine weight: 616 lbs.
  • Crated dimensions: 81" x 30" x 48" H
  • Crated Weight: 726 lbs.
  • Power requirements: 10 Amps @ 230 V 3 Phase

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