SOLD Used Maggi CNC Automatic Boring Machine - Model Evolution 1000



SOLD Used Maggi CNC Automatic Boring Machine - Model Evolution 1000
Additional cost for installation & Training - $2 500.00 + Travel Expenses

This Used CNC Automatic Point-to-Point Boring Machine manufactured by Maggi accurately drills from underneath with automatic operator return.   Or can be unloaded from the back. This machine is designed for one man operation and practically zero set-up time. Additionally it is capable of boring both vertically and horizontally and for hinge holes.  The entire head unit is moved via ball screws and controlled by brush-less servo motors A panel hold-down presser ensures the panel is perfectly flat to provide accurate assembly Air flotation tables make handling the panel easy

Note: This unit also provides a grooving saw and has an integrated control panel with an industrial PC using Windows Operating System 15" color monitor CD keyboard and mouse

The machine is equipped with ...

  • (11) Vertical drills
  • (4) Horizontal drills
  • (1) Grooving Saw
  • (1) Horizontal Spindle for 4th side
  • A laser measuring tool to determine the dimensions of the panel and to reset the boring process according to the real length of the panel itself
  • The (4) horizontal drills are used for the left and right side of the panel
  • (1) horizontal drill is used for the front and back side of the panel
    Technical Specifications:
  • Max boring depth: 50mm X/Y/W axis
  • Speed 42 m/min (137 ft/min)
  • Z axis 10 m/min (32 ft/min.)
  • Grooving Saw with 120 mm diameter and 4 mm kerf
  • Minimum Panel Size: 300 mm (11.81") x 120 mm (4.7") x 8 mm (.31") thick
  • Maximum Panel Size: 3200 mm (125.9") x 1000 mm (39.36") x 50 mm (2") thick
  • Machine dimensions: 87" x 60" x 60" tall
  • Weight: 1870 lbs I

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