SOLD Used Dovetailer - Holy Tek Model TEK JD-75



SOLD Used Holytek Automatic Single-End Dovetail - Model JD-75
Year: 2001
SN 2001325
Cleaned and Checked.

This automatic single end dovetailer    has a working width of 480mm and a maximum working thickness of 60mm .  Additional specifications include..

  • 3-phase 220v
  • 2HP spindle motor
  • 20 000rpm spindle speed
  • 15/22/35 dovetails per minute (3-speed)

  • 500x900x1210 size
  • 1200lbs spindle dust hood

  • safety rail bar
  • auto continue working switches
  • adjustments for length and depth of dovetail
  • two adjustable air hold-downs for clamping work piece vertically
  • push button control panel

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