SOLD Used Coving Machine with a 1/8 Inch Radius - Evans Model 190



SOLD Used Evans Coving Machine with a 1/8 Inch Radius  - Model 190

This coving machine with a 1/8 inch radius was manufactured by Evans.  Used for putting a cove/bend in a countertop backsplash it has a 12" length capacity.  It is a late 190's model with very low use.  It has been in storage for quite some time and it is still in very good condition. 


  • Thermostatically controlled cove heating bar
  • 1/8" radius coving capacity
  • 12' length capacity
  • Pneumatically operated clamps.
  • Minimum backsplash height 1"
  • Maximum backsplash height 34"
  • 110V
  • 1PH electrics
  • 80PSI required

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