SOLD Used Dust Collector - Dustek Model:1500



SOLD Used Dustek Dust Collector - Model:1500

This Self-contained indoor dust collector unit manufactured by Dustek feature...

  • 15 HP fan motor
  • (4) cloth filter bags (set of new bags included!)
  • (4) plastic collection bags
  • 14" dia. inlet
  • Rated at 5 000 CFM
  • 132 square feet of filter area 60 cubic feet of collection area
  • Includes starter
  • Machine dimensions: 32" W x 130" L x 137" H
  • Machine weight: 1 250 lbs.

    NOTE: It is the customer's responsibility to meet and comply with all NFPA OSHA EPA LOCAL STATE and FEDERAL REGULATIONS and guidelines for system operations and installations.

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