SOLD Used Doucet Conveyor - Model FB-36-5-13-G



SOLD Used Conveyor - Doucet Model FB-36-5-13-G

This Left-Handed Used Doucet Conveyor - Model FB-36-5-13-G is designed for shape and sand machines and edge foilers.  The FB-36-5-13 Model also includes a variable speed motor for guiding the part onto the receiving module.  And polymer belts sides for shifting the panels to the return rollers quickly and efficiently. Additonally the transfer process is designed to run on a continuous basis.

Specifications include...

  • 36" x 5' receiving conveyor
  • 36" x 13' return conveyor
  • Feed rollers driven by a D.C.

For more information...

Phone 678.642.9722     


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