SOLD Used Optimizing Saw Line - Dimter Model OPTICUT 200 ELITE



SOLD Used Dimter Opticut 200 Elite Optimizing Saw Line

Year: 2005
Serial Number: 2499.10

This used optimizing saw line manufactured by Dimter is equipped with two marking tables capable of handling lumber up to 16 feet in length.  It also includes a measuring station with double measuring wheel length and a measuring system with a top luminescent camera for defecting quality grade and defect marks.

Technical Specifications:

  • 10" wide infeed belt
  • 16 foot long board capacity
  • 1/2" min and 3" max; board width
  • 1" min and 8" max; board outfeed length
  • 5" min and 20 feet max
  • 10 HP saw arbor motor
  • electrical controls wired for AC 3/60/480 volt operation
  • electro-mechanical brake system on the blade
  • blade diameter 500mm with 3mm bore
  • two computer controlled air jets for ejection of waste pieces and end trims
  • Grecon Dimter Smart Control Operating System and OptiCut software
  • outfeed and sorting station driven by a 2 HP motor
  • 10" wide belt
  • 33 feet long with four (4) mechanical kickers activated by sensor pulses to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
  • With a Woodstorm Crosscut Saw Infeed System v.4; consisting of three (3) marking stations with a cross belt feeding system into a 24 foot long infeed belt conveyor feeding lumber to the saw with electrical controls wired for AC 3/60/480 volt operation and with all related equipment. (New 2013.) (NOTE: When the Woodstorm Lateral Feed System is in place the two marking stations with the Opticut Saw are replaced by this system.)

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