SOLD Used Door Machine - Clary Model 435A



p>Used Clary Door Machine – Model 435A

List Price: $5 500.00

Machine Stock Number: C-1186
Member Stock Number: DM050000760

Serial Number: 435312

Description: Used Clary Door Machine – Model 435A for beveling and mortising both interior and exterior doors.  110/220 V -  1 Phase - 60Cy

  • Sizer and convenient power control panel handles door width from 1'0" to 3'0" at 2" increments.
  • Centering and clamping device insures lock position always in the center of door.
  • Indexing mechanism handles doors from 1'0" to 3'0" at 2" increments.
  • Boring and routing devices:
  • Tension roller to stabilize the door
  • Pedal for raising door into position for boring and routing
  • Foot pedal for boring bolt hole.

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