SOLD - Used Brandt Edgebander Model KD-56 Optimat Automatic



SOLD - Used Brandt KD-56 Optimat Automatic Edgebander; with electronic line control; having a capacity of 1/8" max. edge band thickness and a panel thickness of 5/16"" to 1-5/8" maximum; equipped with two 0.18 kw 12 000 R.P.M. end trim motors; two 0.27 kw 12 000 R.P.M. flush trim top and bottom motors; with an open space for later addition of scraping units and with top and bottom buffing units; with 3mm round over cutters; with a separate feed motor delivering a feed rate of 30 F.P.M.; with a safety and sound enclosure; digital readouts on the feed beam (four on the flush trims and two on scraping units) and complete with all related equipment. Serial Number: 0-261-02-7422. (New 2000.)

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