SOLD BACCI MIter Door Cutting-Boring_Moulding Machine - Model TTF1-12M



SOLD - Used Bacci Model TTF1-12M Miter Door Cutting-Boring-Moulding Machine for Miter Door Production; equipped with a 3 H.P. cutting unit with special sawblade that cuts two pieces at the same time; with a 3 H.P. boring unit with special head to drill one hole on each piece; with a 7.5 H.P. moulding unit with 8 000 RPM and with a T2M Device; with electrical controls and a transformer for operation at AC 3/60/460 volts; with male/female cutters for moulding two pieces; with slow/fast forwarding of the cut-off saw; with two motor brakes; two pneumatic clamps; tables slide on ball bushing and ground and hardened (Start Brand) guides; with a high-precision cutter holder; with hydraulic control of the table stroke the cut-off saw and the boring and moulding units; with a mechanical fence & digital readout for boring depth; with foot pedal actuation of cycle and with all related equipment. Serial Number: 583. (New 2005).

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