SOLD - Used Single End Tenoner - Bacci Model TSG 2 T



SOLD - Used Bacci Model TSG 2 T

Produces either straight simple or compound angle round end tenons on material at a production rate of approx. 840 tenons per hour
Twin tables allow one part to be tenoned while the other table is unloaded and loaded
Maximum tenon width - 4-3/8"
Maximum tenon thickness - 1-5/8"
Tenon depth range from 3/8" min. to 1-3/4" max.
Table tilts 0 to 15 degrees upward and 0 to 30 degrees downward
4 HP cutterhead motor (6 000 RPM cutterhead speed)
Revolution of the cutterhead around the tenon is mechanical by 1 HP motor
Cutter with disposable knives
Movement of the tables is controlled by (2) pneumatic cylinders
(1) pneumatic hold-down clamp on each table
Magnetic controls with overload protection
Machine weight: 2 315 lbs.
Machine dimensions: 59" x 45" x 53"

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