USED ONLY 5 MONTHS.......Suitable for a production of up to 50 boards 4' to 16' long per minute • Traverse bar conveyor approximately 12 feet wide by 27 feet long • Traverse bar conveyor is comvered by a 0.375" thick layer of UHMW • Powered by a 20 HP hydraulic drive with thermostatic fluid heater • Adjustable feed speed up to 80 FPM • 2 side-shift roller conveyors 1 x 24" W and 1 x 36" W • Solid traverse bars 15" center to center • Traverse bars for 0.75" to 1.50" thick material • Even-ender belt suitable for soft wood for boards up to 16 feet long • Gravity exit system with pneumatic dampers • Two Ductile Iron Chains one central roller chain • Automatic chain lubrication system (oil mist) • Machining centers equipped with saw guards and dust collections outlets • Five - 5 HP spindle motors and Two - 3 HP spindle motors (with dynamic braking feature) for machining • Main electrical control panel wired for 460/3/60 to UL/CSA standards ADDITIONAL FEATURES INCLUDED: • "Soft Touch" Hold Downs for end-matching top and bottom of softwood as well as hardwood boards • Jump Scoring Saw - tongue machining center to prevent tear out on the top front corner on tongue side (powered by trim saw motor - applies to square top or micro-bevel) • Jump Scoring Saw - groove machining center to prevent tear out at the intersection of rear groove and end groove powered by a 1 HP motor • Complete set of tooling (detailed list upon request)

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